Latest Project - Fuzzy Lookups

Currently working for a client who has a slow running SSIS package.

Our mission is to baseline the performance, gather metrics and assess the infrastructure.

To do that, Performance Monitor (PerfMon) was used to capture statistics.

We asked questions to the IT people, System Admins, DBA, developers.

And I studied the SSIS package to look for trouble spots.

This Friday concludes our first week onsite.

Next step will be analyze the initial findings to produce a document.

Which will give recommendations to speed up performance.

The package runs in 4 or 5 days, our goal is less than 24 hours.

There were several items discovered which will produce better results.

Some were quick fixes, some were hardware modifications, setting changes and re-architect using best practices.

In order to prepare for this contract, I had to become proficient in Fuzzy Grouping, Fuzzy Lookup, Performance Manager, SQL-Server settings, Memory usage and a bunch of other skills.

Once we provide the document, the next step will be to implement our recommendations, take snapshots of performance, and continue until we achieve improved performance.

We have 3 weeks remaining.  I like this kind of project, as I did a similar one earlier in the year with Crystal Reports.

With that project, they already took a baseline, I had to work within constraints of the tools and the only things I could change were formatting of the report.

That project lasted only a few days, as I provided the solution quickly, because they had other projects lined up, which did not come to fruition.


And there you have it!

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