Installation #Hortonworks #Hadoop 1.3 Part 2

This is part 2 of the Installation of Hortonworks Hadoop 1.3 for Windows.

You can view Part 1 here: http://www.bloomconsultingbi.com/2013/10/installation-hortonworks-hadoop-13-part.html

We left off with the installation of Oracl JDK.

After the pre-requisites are loaded, Python, DotNet, C++ Redistributables, Oracle JDK, you are now ready to proceed.

First, you'll want to set the JAVA_HOME path in the Environmental Variables:

Please keep in mind, there is a bug here, you may not have a "SPACE" in your path, so you are advised to change the path to something like this, after you re-install the Java JDK.

Next, set the PATH to include the Python executable...
You will also want to set the HOSTS file to translate the DNS from IP to Server name:
From the DOS prompt type hostname to obtain your hostname:
Open the HOSTS file in Notepad and apply the necessary change,

Now you'll want to Open all Ports:

Next you want to modify your ClientProperties.txt file, replace the generic info with actual values, I believe it worked better with IP Address rather than HostName... however, the screen capture had the HostName...

And finally, begin the install of Hortonworks Hadoop 1.3 for Windows:

You will need to add some folders to you C: as you progress, I experienced many errors and had to add the folders each time, here's a view of some of the folder structure (not complete):
After some trial and error, we have successfully loaded the application:
Start the services:

You can run the smoke test:

Mine failed here, and it turns out the HDFS was never formatted so to help you out here's the article that explains how to format the HDFS drive:


    1. Open the “Hadoop Command Line” Command Prompt shortcut.
    2. Run the following command that sets up the NameNode directories: “hadoop namenode -format”
As you can see here, the list of Services, you may have to manually start the ones which did not start automatically:
Here's another view of the C: folder structure:
And here's the Task/Job tracker web page:
Here's the Log web page:
And lastly, the working file system web page:
And here's the shortcuts on the desktop:
From start to finish, including screenshots, took a few hours.  However, I documented my scripts for future reference:
Glad to have figured out the steps for installing a single node cluster of Hadoop from Hortonworks version 1.3 for Windows.
I hope this series of blog posts provided some value to all the Hadoopers out there!
Thank you!
Here's a link to Part 1 in case you missed it:
ps. looking at the Hortonworks forum, it does not appear HUE is available for Windows version 1.3 at the time of this writing 10/23/2013.

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