Hedging Bets on #Data Space

With technology changing so rapidly, where are you putting your effort?

For me, working in the Data space, I'm hedging my bets.

I think Self Service BI is taking off.

Microsoft is introducing PowerBI, which is putting the data in the Cloud for collaboration, ease of use, User Security, Data Refreshes, which essentially point to On-Premise or other Cloud Data Sources.

Plus you have all the add-ons for Excel like Power Map, Power View and Power Pivot, a complete arsenol to have business users do the entire BI stack.  Give the end user the ablity to pull in their own data, mash it up and apply business rules, create reports and dashboards and push to the Cloud for collaboration and user assigned roles.

Along side Self Service BI, there's the big elephant in the room, Hadoop.  I've been learning this for some time now, attended a two week Cloudera course about 6 months ago.  Then dabbled in HDInsight and finally Hortonworks.  What I like the best about Hortonworks is they have ported the entire ecosystem to Windows.  Not only do the processes run in Windows Services, but we don't need to learn Linux at this point in our careers.  Win-win.  Also, you can now right .net code for Map-Reduce jobs, Java/Python not required.

Big Data has been a buzzword, I think it's gaining traction.  All CIO knew they should be doing Big Data to gain insight, except there was no roadmap and only a handful of exports.  The Hadoop offerings available today are plenty and more and more people are learning it's intracies.

Lastly, there's the bread and butter, traditional BI.  Reporting, ETL, Cubes, Dashboards.  These are the things that pay th bills, because tons of company's are swimming in this code and need experts to maintain, support, streamline and enhance.

So you could say I've got some skin in the game in all three scenarios.

How about you?  How are you ramping up your skills for the next wave in demand for IT skills?

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