Consulting Offers Variety

Consulting full time, for me, is way better than working a full time job for a single company.

Since I started this job, I've worked on 2 data warehouses, built 10 Crystal Reports, build 3 Dashboards in Performance Point, a cube in SSAS, a few SSRS reports and many Dim & Fact tables.

And my SSIS skills have improve a lot.

I'm currently troubleshooting an issue with slow Fuzzy Grouping SSIS components.  I spent the entire day reading blog articles, researching MSDN, SQLCat forum articles, etc.

I love being able to do research and development.  There's nothing like trying to solve a difficult problem.

Funny thing is I was always proud to call myself a "maintenance" coder because I supported other people's mess.  Now I'm developing most of the time, creating stuff from scratch.  A definite change of pace which I now enjoy.

Full time consulting is the best job I've ever had.  Not sure I can go back to working a regular job.

I work on something different every single day.  And working from home allows much freedom.  I work around the clock but it doesn't feel like a burden.

It's a mixture of problem solving, apprenticeship, creativity and providing a service.

Not too shabby!