Community of Individuals with Passion for #SQLServer #Summit13

SQL Server Pass Summit 2013 in Charlotte, NC has been fantastic.

Tons of quality sessions to attend about every topic imaginable.

Informative Keynote speakers.  SQL Community.  Food.  Coffee.

I can't say I've spoken to *lots* of attendees, however the people I did talk to were good conversations.

The thing is, we aren't all MVPs, Rock Stars, presenters or have a 10 year legacy with PASS.

Some of us are just passionate people who work with SQL-Server for a living, like to network and learn, and be immersed in the national convention.

Sometimes it's the people on the outskirts, those not well known, who have insights into SQL just as valid as those well known.

It takes a bunch of individuals from all walks of life, all parts of the globe to be united with a common cause, in this case, passion for SQL-Server.

The community is comprised of individuals, some rock stars, some not.  With technology changing so fast and splintering into so many segments, there is no one person who's an expert at everything.

The best thing about PASS Summit 2013 is everyone has the chance to learn something.

And there you have it!

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