Web Apps Need to Integrate #BI

Traditionally, IT has segregated the front end web app and the Reporting / Business Intelligence.

A report person was brought into the project at the end to produce some last minute reports.

Which typically left the power users and management blind to how their business was running.

Which create a chasm between the Business Units and IT.

The biz was not getting their needs met.

So there's been recent discussions on Self Service BI to get the Business up to speed on metrics, performance and improved decision making.

Except the process has not made it full circle.

What still needs to happen is to blend the BI into the web app, a cohesive unit, transparent to the end users.

Take Amazon, because you bought a book on how to make the Hottest Chile, you may also want a book on how to deal with heartburn.  They've build algorithms to associate groups of items which a customer may want based on rules derived from mining the data.

That is the future trend - a synthesis of front end web apps and Business Intelligence based on Machine Learning.

As well as "embedded analytics" built into the front end apps.

Then the cycle will have come full circle.

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