Performance Point KPI Development

I was tasked with creating 2 KPI in Performance Point.

So the KPI were created in SQL-Server Analysis Services.

And it turns out some files needed to be loaded like the AMO and OLE DB + some Web.Config setting modifications.

However, they don't take effect until the SharePoint server gets rebooted, so that ate into the development time.

Thursday, I was finally able to create new ScoreCard/KPI in PerformancePoint.  However, the way the KPI is setup, it has to compare the AVG measure with the AVG measure of a Parent.

So in attempts to figure this out, completely on my own, I've had to map out the flow of data from the Transactional system, into the Staging, into the Data Warehouse, then into the SSAS cube, where it gets loaded into Measures, which then have Calculated Measures and finally end up in the KPI Goal field.  From there it gets sent to PP where the data is displayed.

Suffice to say, it's not working.  So while troubleshooting, the cube stopped processing, threw some error about partitioning, which I search Google for a while, then added some permissions to SQL Server as the Service accounts, and then re-booted the database server.

When it came back, the Partitioning error disappeared.  So I'm thankfully back to where I need to be, in order to troubleshoot further.  I'm going to have to punt on this one perhaps and ask the boss for some assistance, as we are presenting the solution on Monday.

I still enjoy the thrill of chasing down bugs, in this case not necessarily a bug but a design concept which must be applied, however, I think we can figure it out over the weekend.


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