Hiring Quality IT is No Easy Task

Finding qualified IT programmers is no easy task.

How do we find talented people now?

Headhunters.  They post ads on the job sites, social networks and receive resumes, where they weed out many, select the 'horse' with the best chance of getting hired and submit to hiring manager, go through interview process, negotiate deal, in the history books, move on to next slot to fill.

Yet here's another way to find talent, baseball.  They have 'Talent' scouts.  People who are experts in the field, who assess candidates on a variety of skills, who can identify quality players from average who recommend to upper management, who actually pull the trigger.  Many times, the hired gun goes into the minor leagues for a stint to learn the ropes and proves their worth.  The hiring team grooms the player into major league class.

Perhaps we need talent scouts in the world of IT.  Yet that would open up the door for Agents.  Programmers would hire agents to negotiate the best terms who in turn would take a percentage.

The current system seems a bit odd, where more and more jobs go unfilled because they can't find the right talent, yet unemployment is still at high levels.

Perhaps we've simply overlooked the biggest hole in the hiring process.  The HR person.  What do they actually know about technology.  They simply scan the prospective employee, are they well groomed and mannered, are they punctual, do they have the right keywords on their resume.  They juggle dozens of open positions to fill, how much time do they dedicate for such a big decision as hiring a new employee.  Perhaps it's the hiring HR person that's in over their heads, the weak link in the process.  They have quotas, they have demands from the field to get fresh meat in a chair who can be productive in a short time, and they may have no idea what the position actually does.  Yet they wield high influence as they are the gatekeepers of the org, a very powerful position, and may not want to admit they are less than informed on the latest tech trends.

Just some food for thought on the hiring of IT Programmers in today's world.  Seems the system has room for improvement.

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