Simple Example of Ingesting Excel into #Hadoop

So here's the way Big Data works.

You take some data, in an Excel spreadsheet.

Export it to a Comma Separated Value CSV file.

Upload that file to Hadoop HDFS file system.

Mount it with a Hive table.

Expose it to Excel via the Hive connector.

And the data is back in Excel.

As you just saw, we took Excel data, and transformed it back into Excel.

Magic you say?  We took the long way around to get the same thing.

Except that's just one scenario.

In actuality, you can dump data from anywhere, Relational DB, Sensors, Log Files, you name it.

And the data doesn't have to be well formed, it can be Semi Structured or completely Unstructured.

And the good news, as the data funnels through the process, you can apply business rules, mash it up with other data sets as well as provide fully capable Business Intelligence as the final product.

So you see, we took a simple process to explain how to make it more complex and add value and find insights!

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