Programmers Solve Mini Problems All Day

First thing you learn working as a computer programmer is every day is different.

Because we don't work in a traditional production line environment.

So our jobs are not repetitive.

By the way, I saw a tweet yesterday said that any regular 9-5 job will eventually become automated.

Yet I digress.  Back to the story.

So because our jobs are free form, we don't necessarily have someone telling us how to do our jobs.

We are basically tasked with completing an assignment, which requires lots of motivation, drive and ability to solve problems.

So when we stop to think about it, we are thinking for a good portion of the day.

"Let's see, the program needs to do this.  Wait, what if I try this, no wait, that won't work.  How about this, hmmm, let me think about that, that might work."

So we try it.  It may or not work.  If not, we go back and try again, if it does work, we move to the next task.

I find myself thinking throughout the day, asking question, pondering ideas, mini hypothesis if you will.

How else are we supposed to solve problems if we don't use analytic skills.  Which means thinking to yourself, considering possibilities, experimenting, failing, succeeding, and moving forward all the time.

Programmers don't write code, they solve mini problems though out the day, some of those problems are related to code, others aren't.

We are in the problem solving / analytical / free form experimentation business.

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