New Data Warehouse Project

I found out yesterday at 5:45pm that we had a potential client presentation today at 2pm.

So I logged onto my boss' computer and we began to build a prototype using the AdventureWorks database.

We brought in some SSAS Cubes to PerformancePoint and created 4 dashboards and 2 KPI with parameters and drill through capabilities.

We worked until Midnight without a break, 6 hours.

When I got up this morning, I worked on the prototype some more until heading out for lunch around noon.

After lunch we met the potential Client and did a 2.5 hour presentation, no breaks.

When I got home, received a call that we got the go-ahead to begin a Proof of Concept starting next Tuesday.

So I'll begin gathering specs for a few Dimension tables and a Fact table, pulling from the Transaction Database(s), applying ETL business rules in Stage and then migrating the data to the Data Warehouse where they'll get processed into the SSAS cube, finally available in SharePoint PerformancePoint and SSRS reporting.

If we do good on that, we'll get the go-ahead to do a full blown Data Warehouse with tons of Dashboards and Reports, could be a long term gig.

Nice way to go into a 3 day weekend!