Master Customer Identification Database

The problem is not too much data.

The problem is not being able to link up the data between disparate data sources.

You may have a lead database, a marketing database, web traffic data, call volume data, sales data, renewals data, etc., etc.

And the customer may show up in one or many data sources.

Each with their own formatting, data types, unique identifies.

Leads DB: Bob Smith, id = 12345
Marketing DB: Robert Smith, id = 234H12
Sales DB: Smith, Bob E., id = 999222
Web Traffic DB:, id = 44433

Call Volume DB: 724-125-4458, id = 33aahb2
Renewals DB: Robbert Smith, id, = 2222333

What each company needs is a "Master Customer Identification" database.

Global CustID, LeadsDBID, SalesDBID, WebTrafficDBID, CallVolumeDBID, RenewalsDBID
123                       234H12      999222       44433                    33aahb2               2222333

Which links all the data sources together.

Without that, the ETL involved to mash up the data sources gets real ugly real quickly.

So I'd say we need some vendor to come along and house the core customer data in a central repository that links data from several data sources, including in-house, social networks and the cloud.

Make it so #1.

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