Know the Business, Programming & Data and Analytics

To be a Data Scientist you may or may not have a PhD.

Or a background in Statistics of advanced Math.

What you will have is the ability to build Models using a combination of Business Skills, Programming and Data Manipulation and Analytics.

20 years ago, you may have had access to huge data, some type of Statistical software to build Models and the know how to bring it all together.

My experience was working for a bank, they built a model on customer's based on a combination of the Credit Score, their time on job and time at residence, so when I, working as a Credit Underwriter, reviewed the application, the system basically scored the Customer and approved or declined based on factors in the Model.

So that was back in 1995.

Fast forward to today, we still have huge data, data Models and smart people, except the tools have been modified so that average Data people can do the work themselves.

Without having a PhD or Statistical Post Graduate degree.

The role of Data Scientist is not new, the role has been around for a while.

What is new is the ability for someone like me to use large sets of data, mashed from a variety of sources including Structured, Semi and Unstructured data, crunch the numbers and produce somewhat compelling Visualizations in a short period of time.

In other words, they are brining the technology closer to the Developers rather than retrain all the Developers to use new technology.

A dumbing down if you will.

If you know the Business, Programming and Data and Analytics, you're half way to being a Data Scientist today.

And so it goes!

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