Information Industry is in State of Flux

Build it and they will come.  Famous lines from the movie Field of Dreams.

Same too in the world of data.

Convert data to information to gain insight to derive action.

Except the data has grown.  The technology has grown.  And people are finally starting to take notice that people who work with data are somewhat cool.

Many existing company's have produced quality apps and many new company's have popped up.

All competing for turf in the information space.

New roles have mushroomed, the Data Scientist.

New open source technologies, Hadoop Distributed File System.

The goal now is to integrate that Big Data with all the traditional Business Intelligence tools.

Self Service BI has blossomed as the Business got tired of waiting for IT to get around to writing reports.

Artificial Intelligence has been around for decades, however, neural networks have gotten smarter and faster and AI appears in many products today.

Machine Learning and Predictive Analysis and Streaming Data have taken off.

There's actually a tremendous lack of talent all of a sudden to fill the demand.

However, there have been some casualties.

The traditional report writer, the data warehouse and waterfall methodology have taken somewhat of a back seat in this data frenzy.

So too has the traditional relational database, as the NoSQL database are inching closer and taking some of the pie.

We are in a state of flux at the moment, and that change is actually growth.

For those who can hang on long enough, he or she can earn a descent living in this industry.

The key is to be flexible, open to challenges, and be prepared to change on a dime.

We ain't in Kansas anymore, or This ain't your father's Oldsmobile.

And so it goes!

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