#Hadoop is Disrupting the Ecosystem

So this new Hadoop, many people have still not seen the light.

They don't realize what a disruptive force it is and will be.

Oh, it holds large sets of data, it's slower than traditional SQL, it lack security and there's so many different flavors they say.

And the DBA claim they don't do Java programming so they don't know Map/Reduce.

And they don't do SSIS so they don't know PIG.

And they aren't used to the command line prompt, just click and click wizards.

So I can see why many people have steered clear from learning about Hadoop.

Except why are there hundreds of small, medium and large companies out there jockeying to get a foothold on this new technology?

Because it does so many things.

It does store huge amounts of data. 

It can be run in the cloud, so there's redundancy and disaster recovery.

It handles structured and unstructured data.

It's used as a repository of old data.

It can query data that was once unqueryable.

It does have a pseudo SQL language.

It does have ETL and workflows.

You can integrate with traditional Databases

You can store raw data files, even zipped.

You can distribute your workload across thousands of servers.

There's failover and redundancy.

You can process images and blobs seamlessly.

You can process streaming data.

You can handle hugemongous volumes of data from sensors, stock market tickers and weather patterns.

The cost could be cheaper than previous business models as it's open source.

So it has a huge army of dedicated programmers backing it.

And the bottom line, if you don't get on board with Hadoop and big data, you will be doing so at your own peril.

So get with the program, prepare for the future, or get left in the past.

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