First Try at #SiSense

I've seen the company SiSense for a while now.

Today I decided to investigate.

Their URL is: http://www.sisense.com/

I listened to Bruno Aziza on SiliconAngle, at the Hadoop 2013 conference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUsAEGPR7dQ&list=PLenh213llmcbnZLiehqCeXX07hreEpLiE

SiSense's approach is different, in that they don't leverage multiple commodity hardware across hundreds of servers.  They had hardware people design software and leverage fewer servers to accomplish the same thing.  They do this by leveraging the "Cache" in addition to In-Memory and compression technologies.

They can store high Terabyte range data, they offer high end analytics, with big name clients and offer solutions in the Cloud on a Subscription basis.

Andrew Brust did a great job summarizing the latest version called Prism:

So I decided to download the latest version of Prism:

Chose a very simple Excel file with a single tab with 36 rows...
Which brings up the BI Prism Studio:

With quite a few Widgets...
And the Server Console:

Has a nice look and feel to it.  The machine I'm using no longer has a relational database installed at the moment so this is as far as I'll take it for tonight.  Once I have SQL-Server loaded, I can play around with some real data, for now, just wanted to see the environment.

Overall, SiSense seems to have a solid product, can connect to a variety of data sources, mash the data using drag and drop, opening the BI Prism Studio Utility, all without having to write a single line of code. 

The next step would be to build some stunning visualizations and deploy to the Cloud.

Very impressive!

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