First Try at Microsoft HDInsight Developer Preview (Local)

I decided to experiment with Microsoft HDInsight, and since I didn't want to try out the Azure offering, with limited number of hours and the need to provide a valid credit card, I looked for another option.

So I did a quick Bing search and found this URL:


Which directed to the Windows Web Platform Installer 4.5:


Click the "Free Download" button...
Click the "Run" button...Search for HDInsight...
Click Install... 
And sit back while it does it's thing... once the install completes, click on the URL:

That's basically as far as I got, in about 1/2 hour's time.  Next step will be to explore, investigate and learn the basics.
You may enjoy my other posting of HDInsight for Azure posted back in December of 2012:
Onward and upward!

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