Documenting Software

I've worked in a bunch of different IT shops over the years.

And the pattern seems to be the same.

Not much source code documentation.

No written manuals and no comments in the code to explain the logic.

That's a travesty.  When I was a Junior programmer, my mentor instilled in my, through great fear, the necessity of writing comments into the code, no matter what.

I'd say the reason people don't comment is because many programmers suck at their jobs.

Out of sheer ignorance, lack of concern for quality, or could be job security.

With the way the economy is now, many many programmers fear for there livelihood and will stack the cards in their favor my hiding the business rules, yes it's true.

Documenting the code is just a part of programming, if you don't document even sparsely, you are not an exceptional programmer.

Now creating manuals for how an app works, I've seen some really good ones and some really not so good ones.  From 20 page docs to a single page.

"This app does something.  It was written in a computer language.  Many users access the app."

And even if the documentation is immaculate, things change, docs don't get updated, etc.

Documentation is a fact of life for developers, better get with the program people.

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