Data Architect One Day

I'm not a Data Architect.


More like a well seasoned Senior Developer.

Because I've got 18 years writing reports and SQL, programming and database work.

And I have full life cycle experience in BI: spec gathering; ETL; Reporting; Dashboards.

And I've worked for a wide variety of company's in a wide assortment of industries.

And I've worked side consulting jobs for 4 years now, in addition to full time work.

And I've worked as a consultant for a recruiting firm.

And I've got some Data Warehousing experience.

And I've programmed in Java and .net web development.

And I've dabbled in some in the Big Data space.

And I've got Supervisor experience managing a team of developers.

And I participate in Social Media with Blogging and Tweeting.

And so my journey begins in about a week, where I take the plunge into full time Consultant work.

Where one must be proficient in: Technology; Business; Analytics; Sales; Time Management; Juggling multiple clients; and of course, Solving problems.

And at some point down the road, with enough effort, I will become an Architect.

Not bad for someone with an Anthropology degree.