Cross Training not a Top Priority

Programmers frequently maintain production applications.

So you become an expert in specific code.

Well, what if you want to take a vacation.

Or what if you leave for new position.

Or get hit by an eco friendly hybrid diesel bus.

That's why managers are always stressing, "You need to cross train somebody on this".

Unfortunately, this almost never happens.  People don't have the time, desire or incentive to learn other people's apps.

They are usually too busy to keep up with their own stuff.

There's clearly a disconnect between Manager's expectations and Programmer's reality.

I know I worked a job for 4 years without taking a real vacation.  Yes, I flew to NY for a tennis tournament, and ran the month end from the hotel lobby free computer for guests, ran it until 3 in the morning. 

Working on vacation, because Management wouldn't prioritize cross training.

Sad but true!

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