Big Bang of Technology

We simply have too many choices.

If you don't believe me, go to any store anywhere.

The selection is mind boggling.

Same in the world of Data.

I believe we have too many choices, too much competition for limited recourses.

Everybody's got a stake in the game, each vendor provides similar technology, with slight differences.

I think it's too fragmented, putting the customer at a disadvantage.

Is there a legitimate need for BI software, yes.

Are there 100s of Vendors to choose from, yes.

Is the technology changing at blistering speeds, yes.

How is a customer supposed to know which is the best fit for their needs when there's so many to choose from, too much choice can stunt action.

How are developers supposed to stay current in all variety's of technology, it's like drinking from a fire hose.

I call it the "Big Bang of Technology", where everything's expanding outward and increasing in speed.

Funny, I thought technology was supposed to automated the daily drudgery to give us more free time, to relax at the beach, sip a cold one and spend time with the family.  Our strategy is at direct odds with reality.

Create chaos for increased simplicity.

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