Are IT Professionals Just a Commodity?

Are Business Intelligence programmers considered "Professionals".

As in, Doctors, Lawyers, Surveyors, Chartered Accountants, Dentists, Engineers, Clergy, etc.

Have we gained the status of "Professional"?

Or do we have "Occupations"?

It's a delicate question.

Do think the millionaires of today tell their kids to become Programmers, or Doctors?

Which is in itself a loaded question, because some Doctors today have become sales people who fill out paperwork for the insurance company's and dispense pills.

But that's not the point.

Does a BI guy have the agreed upon formal acknowledged status in our society or is he / she doing a job that could be outsourced by the end of the week?

Would you tell your son or daughter to enter the profession of IT?

Why or why not?

Are IT professionals just a commodity?

That is the question...

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