What's causing the blank fields?

We had a bunch of new changes this week - 3 major systems got ported over or automated.

Which broke my reports and my cube.

I spent all day investigating.  Couldn't figure out what the heck was causing it.

My boss went home said give it a rest, try again Friday.

So I did what I usually do, never give up.

Why were the State / Country fields blank???

Got someone to give me the source code, partial, didn't help.

Asked everyone I could think of.

I sent an instant messenger to one of the processing managers.

She IMd back 2 hours later.

Asked her to stop by my desk, showed her the issue.

Said that's probably because we changed the procedure in Great Plains, we enter that info on another screen.

Bam!  Solution found.

Emailed the interested parties, my boss replied from home:

"Nice detective work Jon!
Nothing gets by you does it?!"
Nice way to roll into the 4th of July.