Real World of a BI Developer

Some organization fly by the seat of their pants.

They have a Business Intelligence programmer.

Who's job is to maintain production.

House the business rules.

Create new applications.

The BI developer must do all the specification gathering.

Learn the business rules from osmosis, because there is no documentation, anywhere.

Obviously, they must already know every technology the org supports, and learn the new stuff immediately, on the fly.

They must be their own project manager.

And manage their own priorities, as every task is top priority, so they must get all done regardless of time allowed.

They must QA their own work.

Then battle the Admin's to get the app deployed.

And that's when the fun starts.  Every manager from every corner chimes in shouting how the work is wrong, none of the numbers match, the programmer did not create the product the customer requested.

The entire company is now focused on blaming the BI developer.

And the BI developer must take time to defend their actions.

At the same time, fix all the work they just did, in production, with all eyes on him/her.

You think this stuff doesn't happen in the real world.

I'm guess it's not stated in any the BI training manuals.

And so it goes!

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