Programmers Must Do More than Just Code

Programmers job is to program.

Write code, solve problems, add value.

Wouldn't it be nice if a programmer could survive based on their skills alone.

In reality, politics plays a huge role in the success of a programmer.

Are you connected to the right people in the organization?

Is business intelligence considered a vital part of the enterprise?

Do people understand the impact that BI brings?

Chances are, the biz is concerned with creating a quality product.

And Marketing is busy bringing in new customers.

And Sales department is frantically trying to meet their numbers.

The executives are busy running the business.

IT is busy keeping the infrastructure operating.

Help Desk / Support has too many incoming calls.

How does Business Intelligence get in front of the right people to make themselves known.

So they can impact the business, they can keep their internal customer's happy and meet their needs, by keeping up with technology, being cost effective and providing value?

Almost every problem that occurs in the org, has political impact. 

Some department is throwing blame and another is ducking for cover, people use these problems as grenades to push their agenda one way or the other.

Programmers are sometimes pawns in the game.

Perhaps Sales are low, because reports are not available, timely or accurate.

Perhaps Marketing is making plans behind the scenes to rid themselves of their dependency on BI.

Help Desk team goes out and buys their own software package to manage the call volume.

Executives aren't getting the data they need to base their decisions.

The corporate environment is a battleground.  And BI is sitting in open territory getting nailed from all angles.  Unless BI is ingrained in the infrastructure and supported from the higher ups, being a BI programmer is not so easy.  They don't get to sit and write code all day.  They are sending emails to get people to help, with the business rules, with getting the tools they need to do their jobs, to getting a seat at the table when decisions are made.

It would be nice if Programmers wrote code all day, to solve problems and add value.

Except in the real world, that's just not the case, in many places.

Programmers need to be skilled in technology, in the sales and marketing process, in understanding all facets of the org, to being sales people themselves by selling to internal customers, to being accountants to support their applications, to being lawyers so they don't get beat up from every department, to being psychologist to better understand their coworkers as well as being politicians.

Programming is not just about code, you have to be everything to everybody to prove your value in today's workforce.

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