Merge the Relational Database with a #BigData Distributed File System

Relational Databases have been around for a long time.

And Hadoop is rising in popularity.

How about this, merge the two.

Put a files system within the Relational Database.

For example, you take SQL Server, add a Microsoft Distributed File System within it, where you can add files, and then access it's data, combined.

Having a file system within the database makes sense, why keep them separate.

A single place to store data, mashing up structured and non-structured data via SQL.

And what would be the next obvious evolution, right, move it to the cloud.

Why have two separate systems, why not leverage the existing Database with all it's ETL and Business Intelligence features and combine it with Big Data.  No need to let the two systems talk to each other, have just one system.

I'm not sure why Hadoop doesn't have much competition in the file system distributed architecture.

Seems like the vendors would hop on board and add their own merged Relational / File System databases.

Maybe it's just a matter of time.

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