Everyone is Really an Independent Consultant

It used to be standard procedure that Full Time employment was the way to go.

First of all, you got job security.

And benefits.

However, unless you've been sleep working for the past decade, the world has changed.

Job security is a thing of the past.

Your employer will send you to the curb at the first hiccup in the stock price.

Or when new management takes over and decides to clean house and bring in their buddy's from their last company.

In case you were not aware, we are all "Independent Consultants" now.

Your job is to provide the best product / service you can for each day that you go to work.

Because you may not be coming back tomorrow.

Your relationship with your employer may be full time, yet you should really treat it as a daily contract.  If you do good work today, there's a good chance you'll be invited back tomorrow.

Do a good job, try to add value and learn something new each day.

Isn't that basically what an Independent Consultant does.

The only real advantage to full time is the benefits.  Not the paid time off.  But the Health plan.

Because Health Insurance is the last major scam played on society.  Yet everyone needs it.

So spend some time rethinking your relationship with your full time employer.  Perhaps you're not as "secure" as you thought.  And you should make plans so that if they let you go, for whatever reason, you'll land on your feet.  And be better prepared next time around.

Just saying!

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