Choose a Language that will Go the Distance

Being a programmer you have to choose what technology you want to work in.

Many people select a Brand of Technology, like web development.

Then they select a Vendor, let's say Microsoft .net.

Then they choose a Language, let's say c#.

Then they choose a Sub-Language like JQuery and HTML5.

Perhaps because it's cutting edge.  Or because it pays a lot.  Or there's tons of free examples on the web.  Or because it's cool.

Except what happens next year, when the new flavor of the month comes along.

Take "Silverlight" programming for example.  Kind of passé if you think about it.

All that time and effort learning, perfecting, now nobody uses it.

So when choosing something to work in as your career, perhaps choose something that has longevity.

For me I choose SQL.  It hasn't change much since I started back in 1996.

Sure there've been new features added, but the core language hasn't changed much.

May not be as lucrative perhaps or glamorous, but you can have a solid career in it.

COBOL is the same thing, hasn't changed much, there's still jobs out there, which pay descent.

So think of your career as a marathon, and select something that will go the distance.

And so it goes!

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