The Big Bang of Technology

It seems DATA has fragmented into thousands of tiny pieces.

From artificial intelligence to predictive analysis to sentiments analysis to big data ecosystem to data warehousing to data modeling to nosql databases to relational databases to reporting to business intelligence to in-memory to cloud to embedded to web to client server to visualization to traditional reporting to self service to data scientist to analytics to streaming to real time data to long data to graph data to parallel warehouses to data silos to data cleansing to data governance to ETL to ETL to business rules to gathering specifications to business analysts to quality assurance to standard deviations to small data to slicing to data sets to data pools to complex data to correlations pattern recognition to store all data forever to unstructured data to semi structured data to structured data to chief data officers to queries to joins to tables to I think I need some aspirin as I'm getting a headache.

With all these topics, how can anyone possibly keep up with all the different products out there, vendors, versions, let alone become experts in every possible facet.

Did I mention these are DATA topics, we haven't mentioned security, hardware, servers, programming, mobile devices, operating systems, CRM, financial packages, Salesforce, the list goes on and on.

We have witnessed the 'Big Bang of Technology'.

Everything is moving away from the center in different directions at fast speeds, as does the Universe.

We can never put back into Pandora's box.

This technology is growing faster than anyone could have imagined.

In 10 years we'll look back at the infancy of the Big Bang and reminisce on the Golden Years.

For now we can run as fast as possible and hope to get a glimpse of the evolving wonder that which we base our lives.

And so it goes!

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