Swimming in the Raw Data


Comparing numbers.

Raw details.

Line by line.

That is one of my strong points.

I did this for prior job, for about 4 years.

Working for an insurance servicing company.

I had to tie the numbers from Month to Date, to Year to Date, to Inception to Date, which matched the Commissions statements, which matched the money received from the bank.

Not every programmer has an appetite for this level of minutia.

However, I seem to enjoy it.

And this week I've gotten a chance to reconcile the two systems, line by line, look for variations between feeder systems and the Great Plains.

The only tools I use basically are T-SQL and Excel.

A bunch of Temp tables and lots of queries to slice the data in multiple ways, look for patterns and trends and anomalies, which I send to the users for clarification on business rules and what have you.

I enjoy swimming in the raw data, not everybody does.

And so it goes!

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