Programmers Who Were Once In Management

I used to be a computer programmer.

And then became a Supervisor.

And now I'm back working as a Programmer.

I think it was a good experience.

To see how the other half works.

When I was a Team Lead, I needed the work to get done.

Each person on the team had a certain level of skill.

And a certain pace in which they worked.

And a quality in which the work was done.

And I didn't see it change much over time.

Obviously you want someone who does great work, and lots of it.

One who takes the project by the horns and runs with it.

You get to meet with customers and gather specs, hold meetings, and do performance appraisals.

So now that I'm back working a regular programmer, you have empathy for those in charge.

And the funny thing is, I see lots of programmers that were once Managers or even Chief Information Officers.

I guess many people jump back and forth between being technical and managerial.

I always figured that once you make the leap into a management role, you lost your skill set.

This is probably true for the most part, but not entirely.

I suppose working with the code is simpler than working with humans.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.