#PerformancePoint Dashboard Almost Complete

Not much news on the home front.

Spent the day yesterday creating a PerformancePoint dashboard.

Luckily they hired a new Great Plains Dynamics admin and he's got some SharePoint 2013 experience.

So we sat together today and he showed me how to format the data, how to add Filters and how to create year over year comparisons with variance using KPIs.

So on my first Dashboard, I've got 4 KPI's, 2 by month, 2 by quarter, 3 reports in grid view and one filter/parameter by month connected to another report.

Just need to create the Yr over Yr KPI variance and I'll be ready to show it to the users.

All in all, I've got 5 Tabular Model SSAS data sources for this Dashboard.  Which means I've got 5 SSIS package / Stored Procedures to pull the data locally, 5 Visual Studio Tabular Model projects to create the Cubes, 5 SSIS packages to refresh the Cubes, and a whole bunch of SQL Agent jobs running through out the day.  All stored in Team Foundation Server.

It will look really cool when its done.

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