New Reports on Sales Data and Commissions

I spent the past few days working with the sales data.

There are two feeder systems, one for sales people, the other for an online cart.

There's a website which grabs the data from these two locations to display on the web app.

Starting Monday, the data will go directly into Great Plains instead of a manual process.

So now the data will be available much quicker.

So I have a query which pulls from Great Plains, which I pull hourly, from an SSIS package.

Then I have another job which pulls info from SalesForce.com database to get the Territory info.

Then I mash those up, and write to another table, which will keep record of all the Sales with the Territory and Rep which runs hourly.

The data will be static so we can report over time both Sales Volume and Commissions.

Not only can we report on New Business and Renewal Business, we can start processing Commissions on Channel Reps as well.

And I believe the website may break on Monday so I prepared by giving the Users an SSRS report with parameters like @StartDate @EndDate @SalesType and @SummaryDetail.

I also plan to email the reports every hour, once we get the SharePoint SSRS to send Emails.

It was a very busy week, for the entire department, as we are also migrating our instance of SalesForce.

Pressures on next week.  Can't wait!

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