#BusinessIntelligence Skill Set

It occurred to me recently, while talking with a co-worker.

I now have full life cycle development skills.

From spec gathering, to understanding the database, mashing data with other data, to data modeling, table creation, ETL to staging with SSIS, applying business rules, moving data to Fact / Dimension tables, to porting data to SSAS (Tabular Model), refreshing the data, reporting via PowerView, PowerPivot, PerformancePoint, SSRS, plus Crystal Reports and Actuate and Java.

As well as programming in Microsoft Visual Studio c# / Visual Basic doing ASPX or Windows Service or Console apps.

To scheduling SQL Agent jobs to run throughout the day.

And some experience / training on Big Data - Map/Reduce - Hive - Impala - Sqoop - Pentaho Kettle.

Skill set is finally starting to take shape.

Taken a while, better late than never.

Better Late than Never

Microsoft BI Stack

Missing Link - SharePoint

SQL Denali

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