Where's That Data Come From?

I would estimate half my day is searching for data.

Where can I find this info?  How does that data get populated?

How are regions determined?  What countries make up the Latam region?

You think I'm kidding, but it's true.

Some places have no authoritative source for where all the data is, how it flows through all the systems, and what the data means.

People think Self Service you just give the users a place to create and run their own queries.

Some places the full time report writers don't even know some of the basic questions about the data.

And don't get me started on clean data.  Fat fingering data.  No lookup tables.  No edits on the front end systems to prevent garbage data.

Report Writing is not an easy profession.  Yet I saw a job posted last week for $35k - $40k depending on experience.  I also saw an add to migrate Access db to SQL Server.  Paid $10 per hour.

Last time my toilet backed up the plumber showed up for an hour, cost me over a $100.  What am I missing here.

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