Recap of my Cloudera Hadoop Training

I just completed a 4 day course on Big Data Hadoop from Cloudera.

And my takeaway is this.

Map Reduce is powerful, can be written in Java, has a bit of complexity to it, yet you can re-use code to ease the pain.

HIVE is definitely a friend of any BI developer.  Through SQOOP, you can ingest raw data from a relational database.

Why would you do this, mainly for the amount of data you can store.  It overcomes the limitations of your standard database as you can throw as much data into it as you want.

And then access it through HIVE SQL which is very familiar to any SQL developer.  You won't get rid of your SQL-Server any time soon, as that's ideal for transactional data with fast reads, writes, updates and deletes.

Once the data's in HIVE you can do what you like and run your queries, and output the results back to SQL-Server if you choose through SQOOP.

It's got lots of potential and I hope to be using it soon.

In 2 weeks, I'll be attending another Cloudera course to learn HBase database for Hadoop.

Should be fun!

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