Programming Courses Only Teach Surface Level Info

Programmers can take classes to learn new subjects / languages.

Or they can learn on their own.

When you do attend a class, you should understand what you're getting.

And that is, you will be introduced to topics you've never seen before.

You will not learn in depth detailed knowledge or how to solve specific problems.

They will glance over subjects, at a fast pace, and you will walk away with new knowledge of a subject.

But not the subject itself.

For example, they will teach you what a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is.

Then you'll have a lab to build one yourself.  And then another very similar lab building the same sandwich with 3 slices of bread instead of two.

And another lab using extra jelly.

The labs introduce you to the subject, then you repeat the process over and over, with slight modification.

At the end of the class, you will know what a P&J sandwich is, and you will have had experience building it.

But if you want real in depth knowledge, you may as well just read a few good books and get your own on-hand experience.

Learn it yourself, because taking courses only introduces you to a new topic, it doesn't teach you what you need to know to earn a living, or get certification.

That's all I'm saying!

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