#PerformancePoint 2013, Here I Come!

I've been tasked with the creation of Enterprise level Dashboards.

Our development platform is Microsoft:

Database: SQL-Server 2012
Tabular Model Analysis Services: SQL-Server 2012
Delivery: SharePoint 2013
ScoreCards / Dashboards: PerformancePoint 2013

I do have access to the Database, SSAS, Visual Studio and SQL-Agent.

So I was able to get the data organized, create the Tabular Model project in Visual Studio 2010, create the SSAS cube, refresh the cube using SSIS, scheduled in SQL-Agent.

And that's when the trouble began.

First thing to note, it's locked down tight, I have almost no permissions.

To SharePoint Web interface or the Server.

Working with the Server Admin's, they got SharePoint 2013 up and running, however I could not deploy the Dashboard Designer.  Once that was resolved, I could not create a Data Connection for PerformancePoint.  After that was resolved I could only access via "Unattended Service Account" and not "Per-User Identity".  Once that was resolved I could not access the PerformancePoint Content List.  After that was resolved, hallelujah!  I now have access.  How simple was that?

So now I'm diligently working on the creation of some new KPIs, which will reside in the new ScoreCards, which will reside in new Dashboards, which will reside on SharePoint.

The one issue I have so far, is for a particular KPI, you have an Actual Value / Target Value.

So lets say the Actual Value is 98 and the Target Value is 100, the Indicator shows a Green which is correct, however, it shows a -2% instead of 98%.  The users would prefer the 98%

Does anyone have a suggestion on how do accomplish this?

Much obliged!