Obsolete Items From My Generation

I looked down at my watch, because my beeper went off, so I tried to call someone from my home phone, so I ran down to the nearest payphone, when I passed a AAA to stop in for a Trip Ticket.

You see, I posted an add in the classified ads, to sell my encyclopedia collection, which I purchased on dial up internet, AOL of course and I went to speak to a teller at the local bank.

I was listening to my Walkman tape player, which I keep next to my Polaroid instant camera, and had to look up a phone number in the Yellow pages, because my typewriter stopped working.

Turns out the fax machine was out of paper, so I jogged to the post office to mail a letter, because my VCR player was acting up and I had no head cleaner at the time.

You see, I was trying to find things that were obsolete during my generation, and the only thing I could find was our political system, our civil liberties and our chance for prosperity.

Get it?