8 Hours of Coding Today

Today was my first day back from training class.

It was most enjoyable, why?

Because I got to code all day.

What did I code, created a new Tabular Model from scratch.

A team mate gave me the source data, from the system he maintains.

I wrote an SSIS job to port the data over to my database.

And wrote a Stored Procedure / SQL-Agent job to pull in some data from SalesForce.

Once the data was local, I created a Visual Studio Tabular Model project to ingest the data into SSAS, and scheduled that to run nightly.

Then created another SSIS package to refresh the data, scheduled that to run just after the first job.

Then created a Business Intelligence Semantic Model or BISM in SharePoint 2013, assigned roles.

Then created a PowerView and a PowerPivot to point to that data, and sent it out to the main users for verification.

I kid you not, they've been asking for this data for as long as I've worked at this company, and now we have it, for user consumption, to slice and dice at will.

Some days you get to code for 8 hours, today was one which felt great and exhausting at the end.

Tomorrow, who knows what I'll get to work on, that's half the fun of working as a programmer!

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