Where Does Creativity Come From?

Where does creativity come from?

Curiosity.  The ability to sit still, allow the clouds to form in the mind, let them wander.

For if you try too hard, the clouds disappear.

Allowing the mind to flow naturally over the landscape.

To see the colors differentiate from the others, to watch things rise and fall.

Allowing the mind to relax.

In that stillness, you become more receptive to the infinite being.

And catch sparks of insight.

A form of meditation, the detached observer, without opinions, just watching.

I believe J. Krishnamurti believed in this.

Not necessarily to deny the self, but to distance your thoughts from past experience.

As the past is biased by its past.  And the past cannot be trusted.

You must view each moment as a child does, unobstructed by your repository of beliefs.

To see each moment as fresh, new as if you just popped out of the womb.

That is creativity.

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