Tampa Bay BI User Group Meeting

Tonight I attended the Tampa Bay SQL Server Business Intelligence User Group meeting.

The topic was Cloud Reporting.  Except there was no mention of Windows Azure.  Or any hosing provider up in the cloud.

The presentation was geared around SSRS reports called from a Web page, where the RDL file was embedded in the application.

The presenter was good, there were some good questions and I actually saw how to dynamically change the data source on the fly based on a parameter.

In the past I've used dynamic SQL which is not a best practice most likely and I let the speaker know that I liked the solution he provided.

And then he asked th audience how they would fix his reporting environment.

One solution was to use Tabular Model, even against his production database, a sort of pass through with almost real time data.

Because at the presenters business, they are querying on the live system.

The food was great.  Glad I attended.

And I saw some old friends and met some new ones.

That's all folks!