So Why Don't Some People Improve Over Time?

I've been playing tennis for a long time, since the 6th grade actually.

And I taught for a while back in 2005.

So I can size up somebody's game quickly.

So when I was at a diffent tennis club this weekend to play a match, I saw some people playing and I recognized their strokes.

And the thing is, their games haven't changed a bit over the years.

And they play all the time, they take lessons too.

So why don't they get any better?

I've been programming for a while now, since 1995 actually.

And I've been a Team Lead / Supervisor in 2011.

So I can size up somebody's skills quickly.

And I see programmers who have the same skill set they've had for years.

They haven't changed a bit over the years.

And they program every day.

So why don't they get any better?

Perhaps passion.  Natural abilities.  Lack of effort.  Lack of desire.

Any of the above.  All of the above.

I guess people just plateau at some point.

They recognize they've come so far in life and that's good enough.

I don't know.  I've always strived to learn new skills.  To get better.

Which takes effort.  Discipline.  Priorities.  Focus.

My feeling is if you're aren't trying to improve, you're going backwards.

Because the competition isn't sitting around doing nothing.

They're out there every day, trying to improve.

You sit still, you've given up.

So where do you stand?  Business as usual?

Or what challenges can I find today?

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