My Latest Crush - Artificial Intelligence

For a while now I've stated that Business Intelligence is simply a sub-set of true Artificial Intelligence.

So this week I started down the path of learning what AI really is.

I gave my own personal interpretation here:


And then I found a good site which summarizes much of AI:


There is so much to learn regarding this topic, it's a bit intimidating.

Becuase the spectrum is wide and deep and not easy to digest.

However, I'm going to continue to learn more about it.

I like to tackle the challenging subjects and I do believe this is one of them.

I believe that the next level of BI is AI.

Remove the human aspect from receiving input, processing data based on known rules, compare against existing patterns, to formulate matches, based on probability, and to retain each new item, in order to learn, dynamically, indefinitely.

I'll keep you posted - cheers!

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