My Advice to the Next Generation Workforce

My advice to the youth, go against the grain.

First off, pick an occupation which you can earn a living.

Gain skills that are marketable in the real world.

Learn as much as you can in High School.

Take an internship, make connections, figure out where the jobs are.

Don't go to college, learn on the job, take specific courses at night to advance your knowledge base.

Use the internet as a tool, to research, everything you need to know is available for free.

Don't invest in the 401k, invest in building a nest egg.

Don't buy a house, rent, houses are money pits, they tie you down, and lock you in to a 30 year mortgage.

Don't settle down, be mobile.  Be ready to pack up and move at any time.

Find a mentor, someone in the work force who you can learn from.

Stay current in your field, it's changing faster than you can imagine.

Take online courses, online seminars, learn from the best.

Change jobs frequently as in ever other year, but don't burn bridges.

Don't listen to mainstream advice, its designed to lock you in as the previous generation did it.

Do what you enjoy, work hard, remain debt free, pay for everything in cash, no loans.

Do not get stuck in the same city, at the same job, remain fluid.

And if you ever catch yourself being too comfortable, break out of it.

A rolling stone gathers no moss.

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