Migrated SQL App Across Domains

I've been working on a project.

The project consists of duplicating some code.

On a new domain.

So I've been piecing together all the Stored Procedures, Views, Functions, Tables.

As this particular app crosses 6 or 7 databases on two different servers (linked).

In fact, one of the table names is the same in two different databases, which makes it fun when I port it over to a single DB.

And I've had to copy millions of rows of data across the domain, using an interim database as a pass through.

And I had to redo the SSIS package to point to the new database.

And there are data feeds from a c# app that populate a table on a server.  So I copied the raw data over first, then set up a SQL-Agent job to push the data (diffs) to the interim server, which I call from my code.  Just an temporary solution until I get the source code for the c# app next week.

And today I ran the job from start to finish, successfully.

The numbers were slightly off, as it could be a timing issue when each of the packages ran.

So I let my boss know it was close to working state.

He said that was impossible.  All the code and all the data resides on the other domain.

I said I went and got all that piece by piece and spliced them all together on our side.

He was amused to say the least.

And he followed up that once the SharePoint server is operational, I'm going to be 'really' busy.

I've always been a hard worker so I'm looking forward to some new challenges!

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