Internet Forums Used to Solve Programming Issues

As a programmer, I depend on the information on the Internet to assist.

And I do my part by blogging.

Many of the topics are related to Technology.

And some are specific answers to specific problems.

And those do get read more than the personal stuff I talk about.

However, lots of my searches for answers pull on message boards.

And on the message boards people ask questions.

And people chime in and ask the user to be more specific on the problem.

And the chain continues with more people adding comments, possible solutions, iterating they have the same issue.

And sometimes the solution provided does answer the question at hand and is reproducible later.

However, here's an interesting tidbit.

I have almost never, posted a question on any forum.

Not sure why.  Perhaps the lag time between posting and receiving answer is too long.

Perhaps I tend to solve the issue sooner than later.

Sometimes I just keep searching the internet until I find the solution.

However, it's interesting that I've rarely if not never post questions to the internet forums.

And so it goes!

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