Exactly How Does One Extract Insights From Data

Extra!  Extra!  Read all about it!

Use Business Intelligence to extract insights from your data.

Um.  How does one do that?

Let's say for example that your data is accurate.

And let's say the data is timely or current.

And let's say you have it in variety of formats: PDF, Excel, cool Visualizations, accessible from Mobile apps from anywhere anytime.

Now what.

What is the user supposed to do to derive insights?


This graphs goes up a bit over here, then down, then up again.

Wonder what that means.

More sales?  But why?

Why does the curve rise, dip and then rise again?

I thought by spending all this money on accumulating data, paying high priced BI developers to extract and move the data into a logical report, the answers would reveal themselves.

Wait a minute, I have to do the interpretation of the data too.

I never learned that in MBA school 20 years ago.

Have I been duped?  What if I infer the wrong thing by this report?  Where's my safety net?

Like a fire inspector investigating a fire scene, he must sift through the ashes, dust for clues to figure out how the fire started, by what, and then by whom.

Nobody said finding insights would be easy.

And nobody said exactly how to do it either.

Just saying!

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