Convert Data to Information to Knowledge to Power

I was searching Google today on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

And stumbled across this article:


The title of this blog is what peaked my interest:

"Convert data to information to knowledge to power"

I've never seen it stated like this before, but in essence, this has been the goal of Business Intelligence all along.

We accumulate data.

The data is converted to info via Reports, Dashboards, Visualizations, Scorecards, etc.

Which is then turned to info by actual people who interpret the data.

To create and modify actions to drive results.


I would say this is all great.  Except to advance it to the next level, Artificial Intelligence, the process needs to be automated.

Teach the computer to gather the data, to synthesize it, to bang it against known facts and patterns, to drive behavior.

That's what it's all about.  Because I hate to say this, but putting all your eggs in one basket and allowing humans to interpret the data, there's too much room for error.

Think of it as a chess game.  A master chess player knows thousands of possible combinations, stored in his brain, based on decades of studying.

If you could dump all this info into a computer / database, that info becomes valuable because every time the computer plays, it can query it's data for logical moves, and then learn from both players to increase its knowledge base.

I don't see how a human can compete with that.  The computer never forgets.  Never has a bad day.  Never takes vacation or calls in sick.  And can process vasts amounts of data in microseconds.  And is learning all the time.

Artificial Intelligence is the end game, the goal that everyone is trying to accomplish, under the guise of Business Intelligence.

We just don't know it yet.

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