#ArtificialIntelligence Getting Closer By the Day

Making Friends With Artificial Intelligence: Eric Horvitz at TEDxAustin


I watched this video and two things became apparent.

1. Artificial Intelligence is becoming a close probability and no longer a distant future fictional topic.

2. Artificial Intelligence will be combined with Psychology to get inside the human mind and computers will combine human and machine intelligence to advance humanity.

Something interesting he talked about, Surprise Modeling - capturing past data on events that surprised you, the events that keep you up at night.

Kind of makes you wonder, all the unexplained events that occur sporadically to the average user, but have underlying patterns which go unseen.

I've been saying this for a long time, as I watched the patterns of rain over time, to conclude that it rains on every American holiday.  I didn't use a database, just casual observation, except I think if I had the data to verify, my conclusion would be validated.  Sounds odd perhaps, but we now have the data and technology to confirm such abstract ideas.

Right now they just want to know your shopping patterns to get you to buy stuff.  The scary part about all this AI stuff is that the computer take on a role of their own or programmed to control the human race.

Machine learned models to map your thought patterns to be stored in a database and combined with Psychology.  Interesting stuff.

Like any new technology, it can raise you up or it can build bigger cages.  There's no stopping new technology.  Based on our past, we can only pray the new stuff is used to better mankind.

Add AI to robots and they can possibly outperform humans.  No bathroom breaks.  No holidays.  No vendetta's against the new guy who's smarter than you.  No favoritism.

Something that comes to mind now is the maddening call center systems, press 1 to speak to accounting, press 2 to speak to billing, press three to repeat.  Everyone has gotten caught in these things and sometimes the only way to proceed is to hang up and start again, because you're trapped in a non caring automated system and all you want to do is speak to a real person to have your issue corrected.    And what if there're bugs in the AI system?

So if they can get inside your head, they can track your every move with GPS, they know what you are doing at all times, they know your personal info, bank account assets, spending patterns, your social networks, your job history, where does individual freedom exist?

And what if the humans become obsolete?  As in not enough jobs in society to support the current populations?  Fierce competition for resources.  A widening gap of financially have's and have nots.

However, maybe they can cure diseases, ease traffic flow, make our lives easier.  There's a line between benefits and nightmarish possibilities.

I guess time will tell...

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